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In The Blink Of An Eye (Juxtapose City 2) - Tricia Owens The sum of things:I can't decide if this reads like a manga or a soap opera. Probably more like manga (in that there is a sort-of overplot, but each installment also has its own...subplot? Miniplot? Probably more like subplot...)I don't care at all about Bee and Haney.Black is an uke that has uke-pheremones.I also can't really tell what he looks like. I always thought he was more of a butch dude, but apparently he's a pretty boy O_oI don't like the cover models. For one thing, the dude who I assume is supposed to be Calyx looks too plain and that shadowy figure whom I assume is Black is too melodramatic. Don't get me wrong. The overall composition is actually quite good. It's just...the individual elements don't quite work for me.The book itself...I dunno. I guess I kinda agree with Aimee about the mindless read part. It's got that manga feel to it...Actually, I think that's exactly it. That's what it is. That's what bothers me, but also intrigues me. It's a manga in book form (but not really a light novel).I will say, though, that the characters are a lot more developed and a lot less melodramatic than the typical manga character, so kudos.What is weird, though, is the whole soap-opera-y-ness of it all. I dunno. I guess I do like it? I like it the way I'd like a manga, something like that...