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The Battle For Black (Juxtapose City 3) - Tricia Owens I think I've had a glut of this manga-lit for now...Maybe I'll come back to it later (no, I know I definitely will cuz it's a manga *shrug). But anyways...I just...really want more of Hadrian right now...(Black's too much of an uke. Hadrian's kind of got the "everyone wants to fuck him" thang going on, but he's got more trauma and angst and THAT generally takes the foreground. Black...it's like he's defined by how many and who wants to fuck him...):D I was in the mood for some soap opera. But ooooh hot damn does the plot thicken!There's so much psychological conditioning going on that everything's pretty damn murky. Hmm...let me make a prediction/wish. I'm generally pretty good with my wishes turning into genuine predictions, something like that. (I can generally call who's going to top when. Dunno if other people can do that, though, so maybe it's actually a very common ability).I really want to see Calyx crack. He's always the strong one and Black's always the one on the verge of a breakdown. I kind of want Calyx to have a breakdown (for whatever reason) and have Black be the one to pull him together and then they have this nice lovey-dovey tender moment and such. It's possible such a story already exists somewhere, as I think this entire series is mostly written out. It might also exist in one of those AU/sanctioned-fanlits, if those exist for this series (not sure cuz I didn't check on her website).Black is such a tool...