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Prince of Submission - Jana Downs This was actually a surprisingly good read. The writing style leaves a lot to be desired; it's rather clunky and overly explicative at times.However, I was genuinely surprised by some of the concepts explored in this book. There were moments that were downright visceral. The whole concept of rehab in this is worked incredibly well and I love that it draws parallels with rl ex-gay programs. It's not mindless propaganda against it; both sides are presented and while the rehab seems horrific, you can see why people would buy into that.I especially love the allegoric parallels the Justice class Fae brings up. It's a type that I can totally see existing in real life. The type who doesn't actually care whether it's "right" or "wrong" per se; if it breaks the laws, it's wrong. The cover's cheesy and really actually quite bad. The model they have for Corrin doesn't look twink-ish enough, imo and per the descriptions (c'mon. he looks like he's got wider shoulders than the dude who's supposed to be Adrian, and not just because of the different angles), and the hair looks really, really photoshopped. Also, the model looks vaguely like Rob Pat and I notoriously dislike Rob Pat for his lack of aesthetic value (he's just so...awk...and stocky. And his face is really flat. I just don't find him aesthetically pleasing. He's like one of those impressionistic sculptures. You can't help stare and be fascinated, but it's one of those freak show "what is that??" sort of fascinated.Bad cover aside, it IS pulp, and the ending/"resolution" point to that. However - and this is rather rare - I love that it delves into deeper elements in a totally easily readable way.I do feel the need to mention one particular side character.His name is Parkerius. Parkerius.ETA: Looked at the blurb again. Noticed something I never bothered to pay attention to before. Adrian's last name is "Cadence." He is a musician.