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Pleasurable Abduction - Chris Johns 'K, you might know I've been itching to use this meme, but in this, it warrants it.Honestly, da fuq did I just read?I dunno what I thought it was going to be, but this is pretty much just a miscellaneous orgy.It's to the point where I'm not quite sure if the author's completely serious or not.The base concept is rather fascinating, but I'm rather leery towards its execution. IMO, it was entirely too blasé about the whole thing in a way that I feel like it shouldn't have been. 'Course, I don't claim to be an expert on Middle Eastern culture so I can't definitively say one way or another but - correct me if I'm wrong - isn't homosexuality punishable by death in the Middle East? For an execution-worthy offense, the men sure seemed willing to participate.The main character is so, like I said, blasé about the whole thing that I can't tell if it was originally shock, then Stockholm, or if he really is just TSTL...I'm also a little curious about something. Is it even possible for a dude to have a 2-inch penis flaccid that grows to 7.5 inches aroused? Now, I'm not very well-schooled in human anatomy, but that seems like quite a large-ass discrepancy to me. Wikipedia wasn't very helpful in this case...According to a male friend, it is possible. *shrugIn addition, the narrative itself was rather clunky and there were weird formatting errors all over the place. Problem with ebooks is, I'm never sure if it's an overall thing or just a "the version I got was fucked up" thing =_=But either way, missing comma for offset appositives, comma splices, awkward " instead of ' for contractions, for whatever reason, really awkward paragraphing, and such.There was also a scene with piss, and that just hits my squick button, which I kind of get it was supposed to, but still.Also, why is there a repeat entry in GR?Repeat entry combined with the other edition.