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Cake (Blood Nation, #1) - Derekica Snake Just wondering, what is the difference between this and the Lord Emperor Vampire Saga? Right now, I'm assuming that the latter was the online version published under "kiix" and the former is the reduxed version for "formal" publishing, but I'd like some confirmation... Snake's website is offline and I'm not really sure where the original I'm assuming exists was published...Later editSo, I'm assuming that it's a reduxed version of the first book of the Lord Emperor Vampire Saga.Figured it out. This is the published version of the LEVS.Hmm...where to start? I actually didn't like it as much as the LEVS version, for all that it has better grammar structure and punctuation. I thought the original version revealed enough of what happened to him in his year of captivity along the way that it actually was fine the way it was. I feel like the way the Blood Nation version was seemed more...fake, more contrived, I guess.I mean, the other one I didn't quite understand/like to begin with, but that was because I thought he should have been more shattered from his traumatic experience, but I feel like the later explanations, while weird, were adequate to cover that particular issue. I mean, I had less sympathy for Edward/Sex reading the BN version than I did the LEVS version I found, and it wasn't just because I was reading it a second time. Frankly, it got wangsty. I mean, "I was a slut. But it's not my fault. He made me a slut. It's all his fault. Man, I was such a nice kid. And then I hated the world. But the world hated me, so I was justified (whine, whine, whine). And I'm fat and ugly and NO ONE LOOOVES MEEEEE." I really wanted him to just shut up. I didn't really care, because frankly, that wasn't the point and the backtracking was just excessive.Marcus' reveal as to how he captured Edward didn't have the same impact it did in the original version because we already knew. And it was weird because he actually did speak. Or maybe Snake just accidentally put that one line when Sex says "I wondered how you carried me..." etc. in quotes. Kind of ruined the effect, again.I am surprised. I mean, I never expected that I'd enjoy the original version much more than I did the official version, for all its awkward grammar and misplaced commas, both excessive and missing (oh, and the inconsistent spellings; that was incredibly annoying also). The least I can say about the Blood Nation version is at least most of the grammar has been fixed and so it was at least a much smoother, albeit much more annoying, read.There's more that I'd like to comment on, but it's not in the BN Cake because it cuts off earlier than the LEVS one, so I'll refrain from doing so now.Much later EtA:I've found it. The definition of Derekica Snake. It is this:http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/RapePortrayedAsRedemption?from=Main.RapeAsRedemption