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Bound in Stone: Volume One - K.M. Frontain For a good 20% or so I felt like I had absolutely no idea what the heck I was reading.For one thing, the blurb seems to be either talking about a completely different story or something that happens way further on...There was also an inundation of characters and customs and languages and idk whats. I had a lot of trouble attempting to keep track of everybody...Hmm...I think this is. The blurb is weird because it puts the focus on Tehlm when the focus is actually on "the child."All I seemed to get out of the beginning was there was a lot of "shut up"ing going around...I think the main problem is this is something that actually requires concentration to read. I'm far too sleep-deprived right now to be able to deal with juggling all this information. I mean, I picked up the thread of the story after a while, but I discovered that I only really cared about Vik and all the angsty stuff he was going through, so it was bunches of awk.Actually, that's not true. I think I did care a bit about the other characters, too. (But I'll still like Vik the best because he suffers so beautifully...I really, really want for him to get his HEA, however that happens) It's just really weird because I still don't quite know what to make of it. It's like nothing I've read before...Huh. Wait. I think I get it now. The blurb is the D&D prompt/plot. The rest is what unfolds, which is why though there is a "main" character of sorts, the rest of the characters are still important in their own way.Okay. That took me an embarrassingly long time to finally get.It's quite an unusual read (for me, at least). I mean, I've only ever played D&D once and I totally was guilty of the point the author brings up in the foreword. Yeah, I definitely need to reread this sometime later when I'm feeling more able to concentrate...