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Bound in Stone: Volume Two - K.M. Frontain Reading the sample:(Imagine this line in full valley girl glory:) Uh. Full throes of passion, not "throws." Sheesh.So, here's my hierarchy of character information needs:1) Vik2) Marun3) KehfreyThe rest of them can all burn for all I care.Actually, I like this book. I don't care about any of the other characters - apparently for good reason, as this book shows - so it all works out.I still don't quite get Marun. Or all his peeps. I mean, what is up with all that?Anyways, I think I may actually purchase it after all.post-read EtA:This one's interesting cuz it's more "story" like.I feel supremely sorry for Marun. Really do.I don't quite get the full weight of intent behind his castigation, but then, I didn't exactly pay attention in bk 1.And Vik...he was angsting so beautifully...*sighYou know, Kehfrey/Herfod ain't bad and all, but Vik will always be nearest and dearest to my heart. Yeah, K's got his little angsty thing going on, but he's got MC power. Vik, on the other hand...things could go spectacularly wrong for him cuz he's an actual supporting character in this one.So, yeah. Shut up about K and get on to more about Vik D:And the word is "peaked" when talking about health (or lack thereof), not "peeked."The weirdest/coolest thing about this series is it actually explains relative attraction in a way that made sense to me. With Melusine, I was still despairing over Mildmay and his Unswering Heterosexuality. This series, though, actually discussed the issue in a way that made sense to me. I can't exactly pin down what it is about it that does that for me, but it does, so bravo on that aspect.D: I really, really just want to know more about Vik...Actually, it seems he's reached an angst plateau. I may grudgingly have to start moving my focus to K...