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Bound in Stone: Volume Three - K.M. Frontain Damn, damn, damn, damn, damn. Stupid fucking Nicky and Herfod. Those stupid fucking bastards.Argh. You know what? I'm really pissed off. I actually liked Ugoth, you know? Those stupid bastards. Too caught up in their own issues to remember or realize something large was going on here.Argh. Who the fuck cares about Kehfrey? I'm sure he deserves all the shit thrown at him.*throws hands up in exasperation* I hate that stupid Marun and Kehfrey's fucking foreplay is taking out so many other people. They're not even important in the long run for them; they're just collateral damage.God, I feel like I'm reading Game of Thrones =_=D: and where's the Vik? Argh. Stupid Kehfrey and his stupidness. And Stupid Marun and his obsessiveness.So about 40% in, I decided "fuck this load of bull" and just ctrl+f'd for all mentions of Vik.It's clear the Marun-Kehfrey thing won't come to a head for ages to come (as evidenced by the further installments in this series).Well, it was awk cuz when I finally tuned in again, I had absolutely no idea what was going on. (Just kidding. I could guess a lot of what happened, though not exactly the why behind it all.)Argh. They're all a bunch of stupid assholes and everyone else - Vik, Ugoth, Samel - are all caught up in the middle. Nicky can go die for all I care.Blah. And Just like in Game of Thrones, I get the feeling I don't quite get a read on these characters despite all my attempts to understand....I can't decide if Kehfrey's a victim or a tool. Or both. What the hell. So close to being "Saved" and he falls back under the control of Marun and that Ancient Power chick. Man, he needs a Sassy Gay Friend. This actually also reminds me of that Juxtan series thing by that Tricia Owens lady. Argh. There's so much je ne sais quoi going on that I'm completely poleaxed.But then the god thing. That's a whole 'nother series. Margaret Weis? Something about Amber and various other stuff...like Iron and Blood. Amber and Blood. Amber and Iron. Some chick that works for some dark goddess... Some other random monk priest dude. Who gets caught up in all this. If only I had internet right now...Ah. I remember something else. The MC's name was Mina.Yeah, it reminds me a lot of that series, too.Argh. For this reason I agree with the sentiment in one of the Queen's Thief books. Gods ought to stay on safely on their altars, not walking the world of people.I have no idea what to make of this. It's definitely not the sort of stuff I usually read.