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Collateral Damage - drkdreamer Well, I've finished what I've managed to find...*shrugidk. It didn't seem that dark to me. I mean, yeah, the beginning was all Neko and stuff (especially the part where they start talking about turning his nipples into women's tits or something), but *shrugThere was a moment when I actually thought Tayla/Micah's romance was feasible. It's everything Tribute tried to be but wasn't O_oAnd then it was weird.The Stockholm-y-ness became a lot clearer.Idk, man. Micah's one of those jerk-jock types. Yeah. It's abusive. idk about relationship, but it's plenty abusive.As for very similar to Bloodraven...idk. I don't remember much of that except for the weird lord dude who annoyed the shit out of me. Well, no. I remember many parts of it.But that's another story.