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Scratch Me, Bite Me, Love Me - Shawn Bailey O_o He has hazel eyes.And his wolf scratches him from the inside of his stomach.And the sex. Oh, my God, the sex. This is the most amusing sex I've read in a long, long time. I don't even know how to describe it. It was...the epitome of ridiculousness. And wtf.His camera has film, but also can video-record?What...unless it's a different camera?Or maybe the author just doesn't know how cameras work?and then...WHAT THE HELL, MAN?WHAT THE CRAP IS THIS?ARE YOU JUST PLAYING ON TIRED OLD STEREOTYPES AND GENERALIZATIONS?And then weird-ass shit happened. You know what?Bullshit. It was kind of good, but then it was just stupid.Argh. It was stupid, trite, and misanthropic. Huh. So apparently he's got hazel eyes as a wolf, too....what. the fuck.WHAT KIND OF FUCKING ALBINO IS HE? I'll tell you. He's NOT one.Yeesh.The rest of it was just a stupid farce. Maybe it wasn't, but I couldn't get into it and it was all just so ridiculous.Then again, I'm not a normal person. Do normal people scream when they wake up covered in blood?Well...I'm also a woman. It happens sometimes... (Well, not covered in blood, but sometimes leaks happen.)Hmm...I wonder if I were a normal person who didn't menstruate, would I scream if I woke up covered in blood?There are just random gay people sprinkled around. It's quite weird. And Ansel...I still picture some hulking Anglo-Saxon dude (or maybe German) who speaks very gruff broken English. Argh. I'm sad. Sometimes I happen upon good pulp.This is bad pulp.And honestly, the about the author...xe sounds like a weeaboo...