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Ange et Demon (A Demonica Story) - Pelaam I didn't care much about Priel and Ull because their story felt like it had already happened. Did I miss it? Was there a previous installment about Priel and Ull? Cuz if felt more like a continutation and it's already a foregone conclusion that they end up together.Matteo and Vil-whatever-his-name-is...They were boring. I didn't really like them much. Villy didn't make much sense. Matteo...idkThey should have just gone with the fate thing. It would have made more sense and been sweeter than the pseudo-your-almost-death-made-me-realize thing, which was just gimmicky and gauche.As for the sex...Aren't they in the hospital? Isn't Matteo being monitored?Then again, maybe they magically left the hospital already and I just missed it.Eh. It gets a little better. I start caring a little bit more about Priel and Ull (their spin-off within the story, whatever).Eh. I guess it's not bad.