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Prince Miro's Capture  (The Royal Captive #1) - Aphrodite Hunt ...now, I guess I'm not one to judge fantasy cultural conventions, but damn if Miro wasn't wearing some pretty skimpy armor in the beginning. Unless he actually had more on that we were told about? But I mean. Breastplate and loin cloth. Oh, and some greaves. Still...kind of makes me think of this:(magic of google)Yeah, it's not armor...Close enough :DOr maybe more like this:http://io9.com/5983445/all-hail-the-new-king-of-crossplay-slave-leoAnd then again when the guards are stringing him up right on the battlefield...Exhibitionist bondage? Kinky, guys. Real kinky.Meh. The MC talks about his own beauty, but he does it so subtly I didn't have more than a passing moment of pause when it came up.I also feel the need to mention that I have something against sticking stuff into the actual penis itself. I feel that is very dangerous and highly potentially harmful and all that shit....That awkward moment when I'm sitting here wondering if all this is physiologically possible instead of "in horror over the torture" as "I'm supposed to."...screw societal constructs? And no offense to TheFountainPenDiva, but I fail to see how that's a problem. :DEveryone serious reader needs some book-porn now and then.