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Unbreakable Faith - VLista Oh. My. God.Okay, there are grammatical errors, punctuation errors, awkward phrasings, awkward headhopping (either that or it's just written in a partly-omniscient POV), etc.However, this is one of those rare ones that the message shines through. I rarely actually noticed any punctuation errors (of which there are many).It does start getting a bit cloying (which only makes sense) but it cuts off at a good time.Argh. Ian is just too cute for words. And so tragic. This reminds me of Black Boy on the "wring a meaning out of meaningless suffering" idea. Reread ETA:I don't give a crap about the grammar. This thing is so amazing and shocking and FEELZ INDUCING that I don't care anymore.Why am I even reading this? D: This is making me tear up.