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The Interview and After - Nana G. The sex wasn't bad, but the rest of it was rather sanctimonious and played on stereotypes I didn't like. Exy, who is not kinky, is therefore the Big Bad and believes that Jean must have been abused as a child, therefore Alex is definitely the better choice, and not just because he's kinky. But it's okay because non-kinky Big Bad becomes enlightened to the higher moral state of kink, and thus has become purified in the Light of the Deviant. I don't even know what I'm saying anymore, so if this is starting to sound like gibberish, you're not the only one.That kind of author-bias, while convenient, annoys me and actually made me uncomfortable with the rest of the story because it made me resent the MCs. They've already got Main Character Power, so it's not like they need any extra help. Why did poor John have to get shat all over?Okay, I'm being unfair. It's erotica, after all, and what am I doing searching for logic and retribution?I dunno. Isn't that wonderful?