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Sleeping Dragon - Stephanie Burke Do not be fooled. This is not M/M. It's het porn with one bland M/M interlude.I'm pretty sure that, even though it says the dragon dude's hermaphroditic and whatever and the dude starts off as a dude, the dude actually prefers to be a dudette, as she spends most of her time as a she and seems to want more het sex than gay sex.It's erotica. It has a plot that I would have loved for this book to actually be about, but it's erotica. Non-romantic het erotica. It actually gets painful to read, right around the time when they keep insisting they're mortal enemies, will never love each other, and especially when dragon-girl throws out there that maybe she can one day learn to love the MC, her mortal enemy.There were some grammar things that made me wince. I believe they were comma splices, but I was too busy being irritated by the plot - or rather, marked ignoring of the plot for the sake of het sex - to really notice.The very ending is stupid."The EndOr perhaps just the beginning..."DEAR GOD, NO. PLEASE DO NOT REPRODUCE. DO NOT SPAWN MORE HET EROTICA SEX THAT YOU'RE TRYING TO MASQUERADE AS M/M. ESPECIALLY SINCE IT'S RATHER NON-ROMANTIC EROTICA OF THE HET VARIETY.If you'd like to actually write about the plot, that would be nice. Just please, keep any interactions between the characters as minimal as possible. In fact. Don't have any interaction between them at all. Cut out anything that might even be construed as interaction between them.