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An Elf for All Centuries - S.A. Garcia This...is absolutely bat-shit crazy. It's completely fucking ridiculous, but it's got that "so wrong it's right" sort of thing going on. The author completely commits to it, and so while Fabion really is a spoiled bratty bitch, I almost can't find it in myself to hate him. He's got those glimmers or something deeper that kind of prevent you from hating him completely right off the bat.There were soulful moments in which, while you could still feel now-Fabion's inane personality, the inanity didn't overshadow - and in some ways actually enhanced - the profundity of the moments.It was classy-kitschy, if you can believe it.I particularly enjoyed Fabion's reference to his "love tunnel."Oh, and Henda's "spiritual umbilical cord."It was wild, crazy, but fun and titillating and still solemn when it needed.The ending wrap-up was a bit summative, thus boring, but w/e