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Pure - M.A. Church What. Wha- Wtf, man. If Mo's "a bit less than six feet tall," he's not fucking short.Sheesh, what the hell, man? You're making him out to be an extreme pipsqeak, the consummate "little woman," if you will.I am spluttering in indignation right now. I mean, what the fuck, man?Bitch, I'm short at 5'4". NOT Mo, at "a bit less than six feet."And okay, maybe I'd have a bit of trouble getting into a truck, but Mo? Come on. He's not a six year old. He's "a bit less than six feet."The DD seems rather canned.They might as well have not included the cooking scene and skipped straight to the kink.It probably would have been less cheesy that way.And this Minus 5 Ice Bar...Is this a real place? Cuz it sounds really fucking stupid.I mean, I guess I could see it existing in Vegas (because come on. Vegas).Weird shit happened, somehow Zeus has a really creepy attraction to Morphy as well...and a bunch more what-the-fuckery. Zeus and Zygi get to share a douchebag moment (well, they are very similar, after all. Their names both have 4 letters and start with Z).I like how Mo has his own spotlight.It made me chuckle.What a load of weird-ass shit. Wow. You know, it was kind of fun in a sort of offensive way. I'm a little bit of a traditionalist, purist, whatever when it comes to mythology so I get a little bit offended by extreme reinterpretations in popular mythology.