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Strictly Business (Courtland Chronicles) - Cat Grant The following may contain spoilers. It's hard to tell since the blurb already tells so much of the plot anyways and I'm too lazy to reread both the blurb and my review to make an executive (haha) decision on this regards. The following is my review:This must be a cruel April Fools joke.*flinchOkay, self-destruction I can deal with. Watching the downward spiral? That's uncomfortable for me.Actually, I was so unsettled by the prospect of having to watch the downward spiral that I never really paid much attention to it. I can't for the life of me say if that part was well-written or not.I mean, once I got over the initial shock and he settled into his downward spiral, I was fine.There was something about it all that seemed a bit...either rushed or contrived. Maybe it felt contrived because it felt rushed. Like actors that are quite good at acting the parts, but you still know they're actors.The "too far" point especially seemed really going-through-the-motions.Bran...Bran was so one-dimensionally "evil" that the entire thing seemed inexplicable. I dunno...maybe he is just a narcissistic sociopath and that's all there is to it.Actually, you know what? Nick needed to kick Eric's sorry ass to the curb for much ass-kissing before he lets him back. I mean, come on. Eric goes off on his self-destructive, self-centered whatever forever, sleeps with the Bran dude for forever, suddenly decides to break it off with Bran because he "went too far," and then immediately goes crawling back to Nick as a backup?Cha, you need to fix yo'sef befoah you even think of fucking up someone else's life. Again.Granted, Nick doesn't exactly know what's been going on, but honey, contrary to what Beauty and the Beast would like to tell you, you can't change a person by loving them "enough." That's called codependency.The last minute make-up with his father was just...no. I don't quite buy into an all-encompassing "even if you lived a life of sin, if you leave life with grace, you can go to heaven" bull. I mean, yes, there are cases in which I believe the change is genuine and heartfelt and meaningful and whatnot, but in this case...Sorry, honey. Too little, too late. You can't just make up for a lifetime of being a shit person by saying "I had to do it for your own good" and "I wanted to push you. I didn't quite think you'd make it, but I'm glad to be proven wrong."Eric's sudden regard for his father is a little weird. He cared a little too much for someone who should still, by all rights, be simmering over a long-ingrained grudge. "'He loved you, Eric, he just didn't know how to show it.'"...No, I think he genuinely did hate his son. Because, I mean, if he actually did care, we should have seen even some glimmer of awkward attempts at affection. Or not hate, per se, but definitely not love.I don't quite know if he loved him as a person. Maybe as one would love an achievement or award one won. I think that might have been a more apt description. He "cared for him" in a "this ought to be an extension of myself" sort of way (one that fell short of his standards until it didn't).The sole female character was a plot device to further the melodrama. Hooray....at least the author doesn't use profuse comma splices...?Anyways, after rushing through the plot through an indeterminable amount of time, soap-opera logic happens, some random deus-ex-machina-y farce occurs, the Big Bad(s) is(/are) neutered/neutralized (I was just going to put "neutered" as a purposeful malapropism, but I didn't want snarky comments about Bush-isms =_=), and the main couple lived codependently ever after. The end.ETA:All of these high ratings are annoying me. Especially exasperating is the fact that the sole 1-star review I can find is in some language I can't read.