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Hunter of Demons - Jordan L. Hawk Although I don't share Aimee's aversion to menages, I agree with some of the stuff she says.It was surprisingly good. It actually kind of reminded me of Supernatural at one point, sans the melodrama and "we're trying to work it like we're not explaining this to the audience but this is actually very explicative."It also kind of reminds me of Psy-Cop with its "we actually got a decent organized law enforcement task against this and people don't look down on it with superstitious disdain" (as with Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake series).This is sort of that happy medium between "these poor little humans have no idea what they're going against and they've got a couple of 'experts' on this, but even then, it's still a bunch of mystical mumbo-jumbo-ish stuff" (a la Discovery Channel's The Haunting) and "the MC has such an advanced skill that this is all normal and shit and there's really not that much to worry about." I'm not explaining very well, but this seemed very realistic, although Caleb's insistent bias against the "brainwashed Spec" was really annoying.*shrug. It was believable. And I liked the MCs.GDI the sequel doesn't come out until April. And then the one after in July.