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Broken Wings - Katica Locke Weird-ish.I skipped a lot of it because towards the beginning, the only character I cared about was Maika and towards the end, I don't really know if I actually cared about any of them, but by the time I stopped caring about Maika as much, I was so close to the end I figured I might as well just finish it.Umm...I was pissed off by how inept her campus therapist people were.And...the characters were...people...who did stuff...It was a bit melodramatic? I mean, it wasn't bad; it was just...at times...it was kind of like "OK. THANK YOU. WE GET THE IDEA NOW." or "GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS. OR THAT STICK, AS IT WERE. EITHER WAY, STOP BEING A POMPOUS HYPOCRITE."I kind of liked the Big Reveal - I thought that was rather clever, although Locke's MCs do generally tend to be a little too Mary-Sue-ish for my tastes and this book is no different. Still, I did kind of get through it all the way-ish, so yeah.