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Signal to Noise - Talya Andor Guys, this is not romance. This is horror of the Event Horizon variety. Not that I actually watched Event Horizon; I stopped watching after no more than 10 minutes in.I don't do well with horror.Anyways, since this is in book form, I handled it accordingly; I ignored the graphic descriptions before I gave myself nightmares and my subconsciousness forces me to make light of either the situation or peripheral situations.But these jumps...they remind me of this:But I mean, the interactions between Bastian and Theo...And in addition to all of that, there's peripheral intrigue.And there's suspense. I mean, seriously. At one point, I totally thought the twins would be the only one left and they'd have to pilot themselves off the planet. Hmm...maybe Bane would still be alive. Yeah, I think that would be it, per the plot profile. Everyone else would fall except for the twins and Bane.Okay, that's not exactly what happened, but the actual is nice. Cuts down on melodrama.And omg but I thought they were going to die there O_OThe ending scene was a bit cheese-tastic, but other than that, I think I'm satisfied with the ending.I can easily see this being developed into a series even though there's no conscious series set-up. Bravo.Final note:This was good. Quite well-conceived and nicely developed.Nonetheless, it is definitely not my genre, despite the delicious little twincest twist.*shrug.Well, I still enjoyed it, for all that these Armors might well give me nightmares for weeks to come.