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Space Opera - Juxian Tang K, yeah. There are awkward phrasings here and there, a couple of syntactic errors (common referred to as "awkward phrasing"). [e.g. "The kid grew quiet against him but Stacey could feel he was not asleep; neither he was sleepy himself."]Awkward Valley-Girl "like" should probably stay out of third-person narration.The story itself is already a gritty story. Actually, no. There's something weird about this story. Really weird. Beyond the realms of interesting/weird. It's still interesting, but for some reason, it seems to hover near squick territory several times.It's weird because so much happens in so little time. Everything happens so fast and then it's on to the next thing. Also, for some reason, the disparate parts didn't quite seem to gel together. Like mixing viscous liquids instead of thinner ones. It kind of mixes but still doesn't quite completely become homogenous. And then when yet another element would be added that was of yet another consistency.And it got to a point where I only wanted to know what happened to Victor. Stacey and Kai are clearly the MC. They're going to inevitably get their HEA is how I saw it.This just didn't work for me. EVERYONE had at least one overarching crippling issue.Damn. Space opera. That certainly is what it is.The plot points all seemed...incidental. Like they didn't belong and could have been anything. The author had a list of stuff xe decided to incorporate and found places or made places to stick something.As to what Adriana said, I don't quite think it's horror. It's kind of dark-ish, at times, but not quite horror. So...let's say cheesy dark(ish)fic.