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The Only Way Out Is In - Lyn Gala The whole idea of stenosexuality is very interesting. At first glance, it kind of reminded me of Single-Target Sexuality, but the concept is a lot more advanced than that.I don't really like how branded it all seems. I mean, I guess what we have right now irl is pretty "set in stone" (or so it feels), but I feel like having more categories almost makes it easier to exclude small subsets or get too caught up with the need to actually fit comfortably within one of the pre-defined categories. I think I mainly have problems with it because humans like crutches like that and once defined, they like to cling to these constructs and repeat them over and over as gospel.I like Jacqs. He's a jerkass, but we get enough glimpses of his tragic past that we get why he's so guarded (that's the diplomatic way of putting it; aren't you proud of me?). Another point in his favor is he doesn't whine about it and he doesn't seem to purposely play it up...because he really doesn't care. He just...is. He doesn't need to try to be anything because he already is who he is and whoever that turns out to be, that's fine because he is who he is.The whole "treating women delicately" thing is kind of wearing thin on me. It's always the same thing. The GFY or the reformed-deeply-closeted types are always, always going on about how more awesome it is with men cuz they can go all rough and tumble and not have to worry about being delicate and soft with women. I think this may be a point I need to resign, though, like the fact that a lot of people don't know how to use commas (and no. I'm not trying to say there were comma errors in this one. I'm just generalizing to the [not really] mass population of m/m authors...slash people on the internet in general).I like the glossary at the back; it sheds light on the terms. It's weird, though, because it feels like some of the terms weren't actually used...