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My Warrior, My Slave - Nana G. It's amazing because Ares isn't a complete jackass. It's hard to see in Slave of Heart, but that's understandable.What bothers me the most are actually the implications of Orion's slavery and how that affects the "real world," if you will (the one outside of Ares' household). There were hints as to possible issues the loss of such a valuable lieutenant would cause, but nothing really beyond that. Are they actually in the middle of a war or are they those types of countries that pretty much are fighting all the time?You know, it's actually quite good. It's primarily erotica, I suppose, but it's good erotica. It's high quality erotica. It's erotica with a bit more; it's actually quite a story, too. I mean, it's short, brief, and it really leaves me wanting to know more of the universe and all its implications. I even actually like the characters, who actually seem to have characters.