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The Stable Boy - Megan Derr That awkward moment when...I'm fairly certain I recognize that font/have it in my computer...(one of the Jellyka fonts?)ETA:Yep. Jellyka Castle's Queen. Either that or a very convincing forgery. (I knew it had to be one of the Jellyka fonts!)post-read ETA:How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.Megan Derr, Megan Derr. Why are you so beautiful? Seriously, guyz. Megan Derr writes the absolute most adorable stories. Evah. AAAAND since they're not erotica, I can read 'em wherever and show them to my friends and demand they read them and rant about them in public and not worry about being censured for lascivious and obscene conduct :DMegan Derr's work is like a first crush (which I've never had, but hey, I've read shitloads of shojo mangas/watched a couple shojo animes back in my time). Oh. Know what? Best description would be in Yumeiro Patissiere. What Ichigo said about Henri's cake, First Love. Now, I don't remember it verbatim off the top of my head, but that's what it is.Now, this story. It's an interesting take on The Goose Girl and those who know me know that I'm an absolute nut for myths, legends, fairy tales, folk tales, the like, especially in retellings.Now, I was a taken aback by Diggory's vehemence at first, but it kind of fits. I love the way Derr worked the climax and compromised a bit with the falling action to make it fit within her world.:D I fangirl-squee every time I read one of Derr's books/stories. Like this: except pretend that book doesn't say YAOI on it.