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The Flesh Cartel #6: Brotherhood - Rachel Haimowitz,  Heidi Belleau Wooo, baby. Season 3, here we come.My inner romantic is rebelling. My inner romantic is up at arms. It wants Dougie and Mat to get away, somewhere safe. It wants the Cartel taken down.And yet, the cover for season 3 gives me secret chills (of glee? hard to tell. there's a bit of horror mixed in there).I dunno, man. It's interestingly written. I've gotten to a point where I'm not sure quite what's going on. I think that's one point the serial format has against the series. So much times passes that you need to re-immerse yourself each time. I mean, each installment takes you to this sort of removed mental state, but the continuity is a bit broken. Makes me curious to see what it'd be like reading these in quick succession after they all come out.