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Taking Dylan Down - Shannon West, L.L. Brooks Approximate progression: Hmn... interesting... weird... oooh, this is good... OH, MY GOD o: (of awesomeness) ...oh, my god...(of intensity) ...*blinks. What?Forgive my incoherence. I blame sleep-deprivation and a small baggy of white powder. *Nods. Yes, someone was stupid enough to let me near the powdered sugar. AND I ATE IT ALL *cackles gleefully. (except now I'm sad cuz I have none left...)Ahem.So, this story's good. The premise is interesting. The way it developed is a little predictable, but then, it IS a romance and what else could have happened?It got interesting, and then it got really intense.The writing's a little awk. It's a little too...obvious. A lot of it is recounted instead of woven into a story, but that wasn't that big a deal overall.The cover still baffles me a bit because the cover models don't really make that much sense to me, but w/e.The ending, however...The first thing that really bothered me was the imploding at the psychiatrist/psychologist's office. Okay, first off, I thought it was weird that he was just...let in. Just like that.It also bothered me a bit that Dylan just had a sudden verbal diarrhea spewing session, but I guess I can rationalize that one way or another, so I'll let that lie, albeit uneasily.The rest of it was so rushed. He just...sat down, spilled his guts, then magically came to an enlightened epiphany? Okay, perhaps the illogic makes it more "life-like" or whatever, but it just seemed weird to me that he came to accept all that so easily. I'd have liked for him to retreat somewhere and think about it a little first so it makes sense as a conscious decision instead of one of those impulsive reactions he's been prone to in the past. I mean, the only way I can justify what happened (as in, how I can see the author justifying it) is with the lines the doc said about giving himself a chance and the man he loves, and then "that gave him a lot to think about." HOWEVER. Trust, once broken, isn't something so easily mended. And Dylan has clearly got a lot on his mind that may be (read: most certainly likely to be) impairing his soundness of judgment.Anyways, more development into that part, even if the author did a little time gap with glimpses into what happened.Something like this:Picking up after Dylan leaves the doc's office, have him go through with the move-out, but before he does, he and Jared cross paths. He's still a little distant, preoccupied, but not overtly hostile. He doesn't say much to Jared, but tells him he needs some time to think things through and get his head straight. Maybe he mentions that he's been to the psychologist and was told some things and has a lot to think on. He might tells him he'll check in with Morgan now and then so he can get updates, or maybe he just says vaguely he'll stay in touch.He goes off, does his thing. (I'd say let no more than a couple of weeks pass overall. This part would be told in snatches, more like glimpses into that time, but told through Jared's POV. Jared's hopeful, but has come to accept that Dylan needs some space and time. He is, however, worried. You get glimpses of maybe his busy schedule, but him thinking of some of the things Morgan has told him about Dylan.) After a while (no more than a few weeks), Dylan gives him a call and asks if they can meet up. He sounds a bit off still. Better certainly, but is a bit terse on the phone. They agree to meet up (for dinner? Something like that.)They meet. It's a little stilted at first, maybe a few awkward silences, especially on the car ride there. They're sitting at the table, and Jared's not really sure how to broach any subject when Dylan speaks up. He starts talking about stuff (not sure how he'd preface and lead into everything; I'd have to think on it some more and I really don't want to put that effort into it right now.) He starts telling Jared about his past a bit, speaks of the past couple of weeks, the things he's started facing/dealing with/reconciling. He talks about how he felt when he found out about Jared's motives, how betrayed he felt. (I see him inserting a couple of "Dr. Monitor suggested" or something. I say this because I've composed a partial dialogue in my head; however, it is nowhere near complete or coherent enough for me to write out/post.) Maybe insert a little bitter laughter and have him say "Can you imagine? I wanted to settle into our relationship, but I couldn't make myself stop waiting for the other shoe to drop. Something was bound to happen. Something would happen to mess this up, or I would follow my usual pattern and somehow screw things up..." (Yeah, this is from the narration itself. If I felt like investing more energy into this, I probably could have come up with some other way to phrase this, but *shrugs.)Jared's horrified (or grows more and more horrified) cuz of all Dylan's been through. Insert some narration about something tightening in his chest as his pride swelled because of how strong Dylan was, to be able to endure all of that and still have the courage to start healing.They have their little heart-to-heart, they start reconciling. They finish dinner, go home in silence. Jared's mulling over everything Dylan's told him; Dylan's preoccupied for whatever other reason (this part is 3rd-person limited from Jared's POV).They go home, it's a little tense, but then...idk, maybe Dylan sees an old memento or something (watch, collar, w/e). There's a little wry laughter on both their parts, they start relaxing. Dylan takes a deep breath and tells Jared how scared he is, of failing, of opening up again and trusting him, but he really wants to try again because he believes that Jared really does care. They have another little tender moment....Sex really ain't a priority of mine, but they can have a little sex thrown in there. Actually, that would work. That would work best. They have sex, and it's the achingly sweet and tender and beautiful kind and then in the morning, they can have that little scene that ended the book, with modifications, of course. They wake up, Dylan says his "I was sleeping. Having the nicest dream" line. Obviously, no briefcase is dropped and Jared's not begging for it to be real, for Dylan not to pretend with him.Little modifications to the dialogue and narration and that would be that.Ah, I feel so much better now that I have this fantasy image of how the book ended instead of how it actually did. Too bad it didn't. That's probably the only reason I'm giving it 3 stars instead of 4. Also the reason it's not in my favorites shelf because if the ending weren't so deplorable, it would be there...*sigh of disappointment* It's almost like the authors gave up towards the end...