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The Kayan's Mage - Jess Buffett The timeline is weird. I feel like the entire thing could have been arranged a lot better. I still can't get over the "Can" thing.Sawyer looks right through the fourth wall a couple of times, which was kind of weird. There's repeat shots, which kind of annoyed me since clearly it was cases of dramatic irony. We knew where it was leading. There really was no need to show us what the other character was thinking at that specific moment because it was implied anyways.The flashback annoyed me, too. The characterization of the family was peculiar. It seemed like there was just one family archetype that was reduxed over and over.The "true mate of the Kayan" thing was weird. Kayan eş? Eh. I won't expound on that cuz it's a personal preference thing, I guess. And ha. Knew it. Bk 2's gonna be about Riley.Overall, it was kind of...boring. I don't know if it just was the wrong thing and the wrong time or what but after a while, I was just skimming to get through. There's not anything new, really. It's all stuff I've seen before.