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Evolution - Sam Kadence Wtf is going on? It's so damn esoteric. What's going on? I have no idea. There's so much information being withheld that I'm starting to resent the author...At one point - actually, several points - I felt like I was reading Twilight. A lot of this reminds me of points Dana brings up in Reasoning with Vampires (Linkity link)It was like those internet memes: "cannot be unseen."This whole mystification of music thing...you know what? I'm jealous. I want to know what it's like to physically pour one's self into sound. I want to meet someone who is genuinely so disconnected from the world at large that xe is able to somehow magically animate the music. Is this an actually conceivable notion or is this just more heart-of-the-cards bullshit?I will never know...I mean, I get it. There are nuances there. But I sometimes think that these things do what manga does - take it just a little too far, thus tumbling it over the edge into ridiculousness...There was an awkward thing about gift-giving of shoes. It sounds like he only gave him one shoe of each color. ...what good is three shoes? And are they left shoes or right shoes?The entire thing is really weird. Things happen for seemingly no reason. Part of it, I think, is that the whole rest of the world is in on a joke - any joke; maybe more than one joke - and poor little Genesis with the horrid nickname "Gene" is left out.Cris was nice. It was refreshing to have a character who didn't want to fuck Genie-boy. He's the Carlisle, I think. The Obi Wan and surrogate father and brother and whatever all in one.I feel like the cover should have clued me into the phoenix thing, but I must have been in denial or something.AND THERE'S SO MUCH CODEPENDENCE. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THE MC?And it's still Twilight.*sighIt all started with the perpetually seventeen stuff. I had a brief visceral reaction of horror then, but wrote it off as coincidence....little did I know I shouldn't have been so quick to ignore that warning sign.One big problem is the "who's who?" and "who's what?" and the "what the fuck is going on?"A lot is thrown out there but very little is actually fully defined. We're given teasers, snippets, inklings, but never anything completely.There's so much wrong with it I almost want to do a RwV dissection of it. However, I will take it at face value and endure all of the plot holes and nonesuch. I don't know, man. I mean, I go out searching for "darker" stuff, but when I find it, I find it disturbs me and disgusts me. This is the Fifty-Shades thing. The "if I love ___ enough, I can change xem; I can make xem better; I can heal xem with my love" idea. The idea that abuse is okay as long as occasionally, they treat you nicely. It's okay if they apologize, if they "don't actually mean it." I read that and I'm NOT okay with it....WHAT IS IT I ACTUALLY WANT? Maybe the problem is they're trying to make it "work." They're taking this and passing it off as an actual healthy relationship that is developing beautifully and flourishing and encouraging each individual to thrive within said supposedly healthy relationship. Maybe that's what I have problems with.I can't quite say I was sad when it ended. There was some great measure of relief there, definitely. I think I was more than a little scared by the "to be continued."...oh, God. You mean there's more? *cringes in a corner under a chair.I might actually go check it out just to see what direction the author spins this in next.Some more things:The story is completely different than the impression the blurb gives.The blurb makes the characters seem more active than they are. It sounds like they drive the plot. In reality, the plot drives them. That and the main villain who shall not be named, I suppose.The note at the end is horrible. This has some pretty terrible messages to be dispensing to our youth, you know. It brings up, reinforces, and perpetuates some things that I really don't like to continue in our cultural discourse. America already has a pretty bad rape culture. This just reinforces a whole bunch of negative discourse this country has (idk about other countries; sorry).I mean, yay, it's a gay romance for teens? (Not really; it's a romance as much as Twilight is a romance. That is to say, not at all.)Oh, god. That's what this is. It's gay Twilight with a bunch of other miscellaneous and weird elements thrown in that make it even more ridiculous and cringe-worthy.On second thought, I'm changing the rating. I mean, it had that je ne sais quoi, "Oh, god what is this why can't I look away?" element Twilight had. You know, the train-wreck effect. It's disastrous and catastrophic and horrifying, but you can't tear your eyes away from the sight of it.Still. The train-wreck didn't outweigh the rest of it...that Fifty-Shades element of it.The cover really is rather pretty, though...