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Wings - J.C. Owens I think I find generally the same problems I usually have. It seems to contrived, too much of a stretch. It's always the Defrosting Ice Queen thing, and though the worlds Owens creates are pretty cool, the characterization always seems a little off, I end up regarding the MCs with somewhat apathetic disdain and end up sympathizing more with the poor deuteragonists who had the misfortune to fall in love with the MCs, the MCs generally are on some kind of mass Mary Sue campaign, intentional or non-intentional, the HEAs always come off as a little...well, I won't say contrived, but certainly seem decidedly off. All in all, what I've come to expect as pretty standard fare Owens. Again, not bad, but still no real wow factor. (I'm also tired of slave fics being labeled BDSM, an indignation borne of whatever second-hand knowledge I've acquired through reading lit and review, but that's a bone I'd have to pick with the people who use Goodreads, so I'm letting that one go.)