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Inherent Gifts - Alicia Cameron 4.5/5 ETA: Actually, probably more like 3.5 rounded up. The ending bothered me more than I originally thought. See below.Damn. Talk about mother of all slow burns. But I actually kind of liked it like that. You really got to know the characters. The concepts that Cameron explores here are rather intriguing, although I'm annoyed that she introduces a new-ish idea of sorts towards the end of the book, but just leaves it at that. Series set up?I love the way Cameron progresses the story. Quite a lot of time passes, but it's quite easy to follow.The blurb isn't so great. It created a rather odd impression of the book, imo.I feel like towards the end, though, Cameron starts focusing more and more on the two MCs and ignoring the peripheral issues a bit. You're left with an HFN that still somehow feels rather incomplete. That's part of what caused me to round it down. Rating's still the same, but perceive it was 3.5 rounded up for the way it explored the implications while it lasted.I also thought it was really peculiar that there was no mention or even allusion to the prostate at all. I suppose it's not necessary, per se. It just...seemed...weird.Regardless, though, it had some moments in which was quite good. I like that it doesn't completely ignore periphery issues and implications of the universe, although I am, as I said, rather put off by the narrow scope of the ending. I'd say it's still quite a good read, though quite long, too. I think it ultimately is worth buying.