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Silver Lining - Chris T. Kat Weird, unconventional, but good all the same. My inner closet romantic rebels, but it's still good...Let me elaborate more coherently. I hadn't realized this was one of those bittersweet ones. If I had, I wouldn't have read it. Not because it wasn't good, but because my heart can't handle it (argh, it's like I'm having an Aunt Pittypat moment or something =_=). You see, I'm a cynic but all that cynicism really weighs a person down. Couple that with how depressing the world's been lately and a (un)healthy dose of constant sleep deprivation and I feel rather emotionally fragile on the best of days. And besides, I really am a closet romantic and yes, I say that a lot, but that's the beauty of the anonymity of the internet :D Anyways, this book is beautiful and amazing, but it doesn't have anything remotely resembling an HEA except in a tantalizing ballet romance sort of way (someone else out that HAS to know what I'm talking about. The "united in death," "together forever in eternal rapture" sort of HEA. [Tristan and Isolde, Swan Lake, etc.] Actually, kind of like the Protection:Coda sort of HEA. I dunno if I completely buy into that, but I think that's cuz I've developed an aversion to organized religion over the years...)