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Circuit Theory - Kirby Crow, Reya Starck ..what. WHAT?How dare it end there?I am very put off by the ending. MOAAAARRRRRRAnd throw in an HEA while you're at it. Please. This HFN is killing me. You are committing homicide with this HFN. HOMOCIDE, I SAY. HOMOCIDE. Look at what you made me do. You made me break out the onion heads.That being said, I did rather like it. People have made complaints about how much is left unsaid. I think that that was done on purpose, but enough is thrown out here and there to let you construct a basic mental image of what "irl" is like. But, I mean, it doesn't really matter since the point of it was the whole disparity between what one sees in game and what happens irl. I think it tackles some interesting concepts that I can see becoming applicable to our world and it handles them quite well.I am rather unhappy with the HFN, but only because I mainly escape read and a part of me always demands an HEA.