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Spectrum Skies - D.J. Manly ...I seem to have seen a lot of "pissant"s lately. Except these peopel persist in calling it "piss ant." I am much aggravated by this oversight and regret there is nothing I can do to demand it be rectified.Okay, this one was really, really weird. Like, Torquere weird.And if you shout someone's name, you probably elongate the vowels, not the consonants, so "Pascaaaaaaaal." Not "Pascallllll."Back to initial point.What the hell was going on?The entire thing was...skew. I mean, kudos, I guess, for the whole "this is a different world"But it was...off-setting.And then things escalated way too quickly. It's like the author gave up and was like, "Ah, fuck it. It's too difficult to write seriously" and halfway through made it satire of who knows the fuck what.There was also several notes of underlying racism that really annoyed me which were later "solved" through a series of rather convenient deus ex machinas.Farce, man. Farce.