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Reclamation (Dominion, #2) - Lissa Kasey It was kind of...corny...I mean, normally I really like the whole mind-screwy stuff, of which there was a profusion in this book, but the book as a whole just seemed to ring a Twilight-y echo to it.It's not something I can necessarily place, especially since I'm writing the review well after finishing the book. Maybe I'll reread it one day (*derisive snort* reread? yeah, right) and see if I can name what exactly it is that keeps reminding me of Twilight. (It's not the circumstances; it's something about the characterization.)I actually can't believe I went ahead and read this. I think I said in my review for bk 1 I wouldn't necessarily want to pursue this series, but I guess the prospect of some psychological trauma was what eventually lured me in...