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Whatever The Cost - Lynn Kelling It's weird-interesting. A lot happens and a lot changes through the course of the book. It takes a bit getting used to to even read it since it's written in 3rd person omniscient, present tense. Overall, though, it's not bad. The ideas it invokes are solid.The characterization for me was a little weird because it felt like there were odd periods of reversal. Like, "well, Jacen was vulnerable before, so it's Liam's turn now." I get that they both had issues they needed to work through and stuff, but it got to a point where it was a bit too obvious for me, or something.I think the main thing is that so much happens in what seems like so little time it gets a little hard to keep up completely at times. It seems like there's whiplash because of that.Still, it was interesting and bears a bit more thought, I suppose.