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Aliens, Smith and Jones - Blaine D. Arden This was quite weird. I still don't quite understand the transformation thing and I'm not entirely certain if it's because it really was that esoteric or that I just didn't real carefully enough.I didn't like that some of the things implied earlier on seemed to have been ignored so the author could declare it an HEA. There was also a point where it started to seem like it was dragging on and on (and on and on).Yeah. I liked it, I think.It really was MIB, though. The whole "Primrose" thing. Some of the alien species named had me looking askance at it.I dunno. I guess it was good. Yeah, it was.edit:Apparently, this book has poor research. Well, I guess it's good for this book that my knowledge of scientific history sucked and I read this on the BART, so I guess my ability to suspend my disbelief was slightly higher than it normally was...