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Chaos Magic - Jay Lygon ..."sex god"...?(^clarification, from cover)I'm very pissed off because I was working on my review and then GR erased it. It was good, too, and I won't be able to reproduce it because I've already done my cathartic purge and now the feelings won't come back =_=Below is a pathetic attempt to recreate some of the things I said before when I was purging...It annoys me because it's rather bare-bones, but it's the best I can come up with.(Actually, I think I got most of what I originally said. Things came back to me as I started reconstructing.)Pet peeve, but "I'm not—."That period after the dash is tacky and unnecessary. Anyways.It's a highly intriguing book. I mean, I kind of wondered throughout about Sam/the book in general.I don't actually have that genuine reaction a lot with books. (Sometimes I'll pretend, but this one I genuinely can't decide.)I like this because it's paranormal but it's also applicable to/transmutable into the real life.Actually, I went though the entire thing feeling like Sam was actually schizophrenic.It would serve to explain the Marcus thing at the soccer game. The guard ignored Marcus and only bothered to chastise Sam for spitting? (flashes back to the first part of A Beautiful MindThis book is a study in victimization/learned helpessness. The mental teahouse thing bothered me right from the beginning.It reminded me of a story my AP Psych teacher told us about a friend of hers who had been the victim of rape. She seemed perfectly fine afterwards (no apparent immediate mental repercussions; married, had kids and everything) but had a delayed breakdown a few years later. She told us that her friend later realized that when she was being intimate with her husband, she was actually mentally walking through her old college campus - that mentally distancing thing that Sam did even before Hector started "abusing" him.I don't like the ending/resolution. To me, it just felt like Sam was buying into the whole "I promise I won't hurt you again" spiel.Either that or it was the author attempting to eroticize abuse -- "it's okay as long as he tells me he loves me afterwards, right? If he promises to change, to never do that again?" "Trust is only given freely once. After that it must be earned."Basically, I don't trust any of the characters in this book/series anymore. Sam because I get the feeling he's schizophrenic and thus an unreliable narrator (duh); Hector because despite the fact that some of his reactions make sense in a human way, he still comes off as an asshole; Joey & Brett because they're the poor little Clueless Mortals of the bunch; pm everyone else by association (at least their "God" sides) because they could all just be a product of Sam's schizophrenia.Talk about mother of all unreliable narrators. At least with Poe, you knew for sure they were mentally unstable...On a side, note, oh. It's Torquere. No wonder it's so weird...3 stars because it made me feel something, even if it was mostly horror.The Quote that Basically Sums Up the Book:"You call it power exchange. Use your power.""I don't have any power.""Then what the hell are you exchanging?"