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Going Under - Lisa Worrall It was...so-so.The writing wasn't bad, but it wasn't good. The beginning seemed really forced. I didn't like the cameo appearance of what is implied to be the ghost. Not at all. And then that little wtf episode with Ross and Jack...that was waaay too soap opera/telenovela for me.Whatever it is, it just gets more and more melodramatic. That I felt the need to make this comment as I'm still reading attests to that.I think Worrall went overboard with all of the dark pasts and the trauma and the abuse. I think one MC with overt issues is enough and that by slapping on an abuse case to Ross, she just made the entire thing really cheesy.LOL and then Jack's little freak-out cuz the Eric dude put his hand down Ross's pants... (I don't think I'm supposed to find this amusing...)Anyway, I feel like what she had going on with the poltergeist was good. I had chills down my spine in some of the scenes with just Evan suffering from the poltergeist's attacks. However, the Eric-wangst really detracted from that and unnecessarily distracted from that, even.The sexual tension was too...overt. To the point where it seemed cheesy, contrived, and really fake. The dialogue pertaining to said tension comes off sounding more like two-bit soundbites that may sound "nice," but have no real meaning within the plot. It seems too scripted; I think that's the main problem.Again, the ghost-monologue scenes make the entire thing seem...overdone. It loses some of its surrealistic quality.And still reads like a telenovela. Pleasant.O_o? Awkward random spontaneous sex? wtf?The answer was revealed too early. The monologues, the little episodes, the flashback to Allie...it killed what little suspense there might or might not have been.O_O random ghostly outburst...random. And doesn't quite seems plausible, but I'll work with it...Ooooh, the melodramatic explanation. Ah, memory suppression. Beautiful.Wait, wait. If he's soulmates with this Allie chick who's now trying her best to make him suffer...how the fuck did he end up gay? Or maybe it was a hetero-romantic/homosexual thing?The regression therapy description seemed...too easy. Then again, maybe he's one of those that are easily susceptible to hypnosis, but it doesn't quite...fit in well? It's weird because it jumps from 16 to Allie descriptions...but he talks like a...6 year old or something. Except for the random "Oh, God." (I've worked at a daycare before; I know what six year olds sound like.O_O DA FU. What just happened? Ehh...I don't like it. Allie shows up and just... "I got it wrong in my headz" and now I soundz likes an older kid. Spontaneously.It's weird. It's definitely soap opera material, especially the anticlimactic non-resolution.And thus ends the play-by-play.Final verdict? Way to melodramatic. I can see this possibly working as a soap opera (a series of soap opera episodes). Too much pseudo-suspense. Too...scripted. There were a couple of good moments, but usually only when Evan was getting attacked...It lacked the...grittiness that this type of paranormal book probably should have had to make it less...melodramatic. Like in Oleander House. I feel like she tried to tame this subject. That extra-long conversation with the ghost in the end...too incongruous. Sure, I'll give her that she has the artistic license to do whatever with this, but that she attempted to fit it within the realms of accepted "real-life" parapsychology, then so blatantly didn't...The bedroom door thing...in any other setting, it probably would have been okay, but this...just...no...=_=And no, Jack, it WASN'T intense. That's why it was so disappointing.OH MY GOODNESS. NOT AGAIN.Sheesh, Worrall really must like soap operas. I excused it the first time, but this time...just...no.It ends with a new malevolent spirit. Eric this time. *rolls eyes. Great. This means there will probably be another book for people to suffer through.I gave it the second star because I rather liked the scene in which Allie scares the shit out of Evan in the kitchen. Other than that, though...Another thing is I don't quite understand Worrall's premise with the Paranormal Psychologists thing. They don't seem to have any extrasensory powers at all. If anything, they're a lot more like the investigators in Oleander House.The entire thing just seems...unfinished to me. As if there's a good idea there, but it's buried under the initial layer of crap that accumulates with a first writing and still needs to be refined, rewritten, rethought.There really was no need for the Eric thing at the end. None at all. Heck, there was no need for Eric, period. He, again, distracted from the main plot, which I feel could have been further refined. *winces. By a lot.I'm actually tempted to just give it 1 star, but I'll be generous and give it the second one...for now.