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Tainted Soul - Sam C. Leonhard It was good.(Yeah, yeah, I know that's "grumpy" cat, but to me, that looks like the Ultimate Deadpan Face so that's what it is).Now, allow me to play the Devil's advocate and say this:If the banshee was the epitome of all things evil in the world and said evil has been effectively neutralized (as well, as I might mention, the banshee's child), then the world order would soon fall apart anyways. Unless, of course, things have been woefully over-exaggerated and the Death of the Wicked Witch will not, indeed, cause a power vacuum. Ah, well. Either way, they get a couple of years reprieve in which they get to feel safe.Gabe...he's...kind of a tool. An awesome tool, with his own moments of BA, but still. Kind of a tool.Actually, so is Aleksei.*shrugs. Ah, well.Because Fate, I guess, and all that rubbish.