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Nicholi's Vengeance - J.A. Jaken Not the book for me, I guess...You know there's a problem when you have a medieval-esque world with lube and super-advanced sex toys. And antiseptics and piercings.It basically just becomes a B-rated "historical" themed porno.Which is, unfortunately, what happened with this one.Nick's a fairly obviously a Mary Sue from fairly early on. I never really empathize with him and thus I don't really care what happens to them. Any real sense of vengeance was fleeting at best and seemed to dissipate completely after his first cocking. A lot ends up happening to him/at him and while I get that there's only so much he can do, it's fairly annoying. There's no tension; just bad sex that reads more like going through the motions than anything.I never really got a sense of Nicki (what kind of nickname for "Nicholi" is that? I'm sorry, but I just have something against it) - either his personality or his supposed anger. DNF @ about 27%I couldn't feel any deep emotions out of the characters and so I couldn't really evoke any deep emotions in me regarding this book. Although there might have been something akin to pity and disappointment.I want to say there are scenes I liked but I can't recall one. There were some I thought were okay, but not I really liked, which makes me sad since I was kind of excited about this book.*shrug. It might be that it's just not the book for me. Other people might like it.