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I Fell in Love with a Zombie - Sean Kennedy This book is like the ultimate "Fuck you."It suckers you into going along on this hair-brained idea of its and starts taking you somewhere and then ditches you not even half-way through the journey. Just ditches you. Like, in a ditch. I mean, what the fuck, man?Yeah, I get that it's a short and was originally in an anthology and all that.Still. What the fuck, man?I can think of no way that city would realistically accept Dave into their ranks and that's what bothers me the most. If anything, I see them "accepting" them and then taking Dave away to perform all sorts of sordid experiments on while they basically distract Jay with the vast humanness of it having people together again and needing to all do work (it's some kind of co-op. Has to be) and all that. And then shit happens. Idk, he finds out somehow?And then they have to leave...Or idk. That's where it stalls because I'm warring against "BECAUSE FUCK YOU. I DON'T CARE HOW IT HAPPENS; THEY GET THEIR FUCKING HEA" and "...'realistically,' Dave would get killed (again?) and Jay would have to go on living as human without him."There are editing issues. There are syntax issues. Still, it made me chuckle at one point.And I actually kind of like the cover, miracle of miracles.