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Duty to the Crown - Rebecca Cohen *squintDid they even use sutures in Elizabethan England?I mean, wasn't that the era of the apothecaries and leeches and bleedings and humours?There is a quote I feel compelled to share:"'...I rather fancy a spot of mutual cocksucking.'"I also see a case of tense confusion, which is rather aggravating.Need to use the past participle with past perfect...Anyways, as little bits and pieces of Elizabethan trivia trickle back to me, I remember idly that it's a good thing for Sebastian that small breasts were fashionable back then.I actually think I didn't like this one as much as the first. The wit's still there, but it gets a little...complacent?They settle into their relationship, so it makes sense, but still.And the anachronistic elements really threw me.But it was still enjoyable, though of a more sedate sort of enjoyment, I think...