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Playing with Food - K.A. Merikan The genital slit thing...How does that work, man? Is it just a weird random penis sticking out of the tail? And where is it? Is it vaguely in the area of where his crotch would be if he had legs?Anyways, mermaids always bring up interesting physiological issues. I mean, they have to be mammals because their tails are usually portrayed as going up and down (as opposed to side to side as fish and sharks do; there might be a term for it but I'm drawing on vague memories from Biology waaaay long ago, so I don't remember it)However, how, then do they stay underwater? They don't surface to breathe, so they must have gills.But then...if they are human-like, how can they be warm-blooded and survive?Because fucking black magic. *Shrug. That's always the answer, right? Black magic, lol.Eh, but that's part of their draw - the contradiction. Cold and warm. Fish and human.Actually, this one's mermaids brings up further issues.Really? A human-like penis?And yeah, this is definitely more a teaser than anything. Only 3-star because it seemed incomplete.And I really need to rethink my favorites shelf because I've just been using it for books I rather liked...