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Dominion of the Eth - J.C. Owens My original reaction here.Ahem. (embarrassed cough) Here is a more...sane review after having taken a little time to distance myself and think it over.I have to say, this book is on a completely different than Owens's previous books. I think part of the problem was I was approaching this the way I normally do Owens's books. My perceptions were colored by my impressions of her previous books, so I couldn't fully appreciate it. Or maybe, because I went in assuming so much, I should be able to appreciate it further.This one...is kind of hard to get through. Actually, my angry rant above was pretty much the only was I was able to get through it until it got to the magical revelation.It gets highly exasperating and extremely provocative at times, but the message was valid and extremely wonderful because it was so clearly illustrated and not simply told.However, it was hard to get to that point. There really didn't seem to have been any hope at all, which, though it might illustrate the point, makes it hard (as I said) to get there. I also rather didn't like the ending. For all the wonderful message, it just kind of ended...weirdly. Yeah, I'm sort of happy they got their HEAs, but I still can't completely shake my dislike of Rylis. I thought for such a dramatically gritty and "real" story, the ending was a little too...pedestrian. Disney happy *shudders.Because of that, I think I'm leaning more towards a 4, but because the subtlety of it was amazing, I'll settle with a 4.5/5.9/10/12 ETA:Upon further reflection, I realized that despite its pretty powerful message, there's not much there. The characters don't quite come to life to me. The message was good but the characterization wasn't quite there. 11/19/12 ETA:I mostly skimmed it this time, but the message is quite amazing. It's subtly written, so quite exasperating and visceral. I think the reason I disliked it so much is that it made me feel uncomfortable, but in retrospect, it was a good sort of uncomfortable. The entire message is shown throughout and difficult as it is to get through, feeling that hate for Rylis and then finally reaching that moment of revelation really is what this book is all about.