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The Devil's Fire - Sara Bell Good, and while it wasn't quite a beautiful web of intrigue, it definitely had something there.It was good-ish, but then it got really benign towards the middle into the end, which was sort of weird for me.I despise misused homophones.And I guess that injury from saving the life of the other is a much more exciting alternative to being locked up in a room together...And, yeah, dirty mind and all, but this still made me giggle:"'What's an idiot, Mama?' Stefan seemed excited by the prospect of Finn's employment. 'If Finn's to be an idiot, may I be an idiot, too?'Glenna plied her son with another tart."(skip, skip, skip)"Rowan signaled to a servant hovering nearby. 'Alistair, escort Stefan to the nursery.' When Stefan waged a protest, Rowan said, 'You may take your tart with you, lad. 'Tis hightime you were bathed and put to bed.'"With his tart, I might add.I also find it amusing that all fantasy poisons end with -ocaine. You know, trisrocain, iocaine, cocaine... except the last one's real. :DThis book features misused homophones, as I said, and that automatically annoys me. One does not "pore" liquid, not does one wait with "baited breath." =_=