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Guttersnipe - Isa K. At some point, I lost my ability to suspend my disbelief and I kept looking askance at things.There were also some missing punctuation marks here and there that kind of bothered me.And while I'm at it, people "peek" over the arms of couches. "Peaking" over them would be rather odd, though potentially entertaining to witness.It's interesting because the Marco thing is what yaoi tries and ultimately fails at - the sliding scale of Jerkass-ness. (hooray for tropes~!)Yaoi attempts the rape-love fantasy by introducing an even more "evil" character that ultimately causes the uke to 'realize' "Gasp! My seme doesn't treat me as crappily as this other person, who is clearly the Big Bad, does. Therefore, he treats me well and demonstrates how much he loves me in a highly healthy fashion."This one succeeds at that. You almost can't hate Marco (I totally typed "Marcus" just now) at some points and wonder "why the hell is Derek so fervently insistantly in hate? He must be in denial."Marco is...hard to pin down. He treats them just decently enough that you can conceivably justify away all the other shit that happens. But, of course, part of that is the whole abuse mentality thing. "Well, he only hits me sometimes...but then he apologizes and pampers me and swears he'll never do it again" and I should probably be fair and say he/she.Okay, once all the plotting and planning and weird murky middle-ground passed and the action started, I got back in. I like the ending. I was tempted to call bullshit because it seemed a bit too easy, but that's because it succeeded. And I agree.I think Marco does, in his weird way, care-ish.I kinda want to know what happens with him, though, after the climax and resolution...I also agree with Emma about wanting an overall darker tone.Meh. Overall it's pretty good and I did rather like it. *shrugETA:It's funny how my reviews tend to be rather noncommittal or whatever...And then someone makes a comment.And I invariably end up explaining myself further. Sometimes, my comments are a lot better than my review proper.As such, refer to this comment for more information on my thoughts and speculations on this book.