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A Boy and His Dragon (Being - R. Cooper 3.5 rounded up because dragon. And because parts of it really were kind of adorable.Extremely overwrought. And tons of whiplash, which I could follow because I myself am that random, but still, whiplash. It makes me feel like either the dragon's trying too hard to seem inscrutable or the author was trying too hard to make the dragon seem inscrutable. And since Bertie's a dragon and his name's Bertie, I'm more inclined to blame the author.And then the author used the word "overwrought."I laugh. But anyways, this book is extremely overwrought. Arthur hovers dangerously near Mary-Sue territory a lot. Or...Bella-Swan territory? You know what, that's a thing now. Arthur get's close to Bella-Swan-dom so much so that I really, really want to just smack him and tell him to stop posturing.This could really do with a work-over. I mean, you have scenes. And you have other scenes. But they don't quite seem to connect.I think part of it may be the whole "we're not speaking the same language" thing because this is third person limited from Arthur's POV and he - that lazy ass - never bothered to go read Bertie's books.But I also think the author is at least partly culpable.I find it worrying that Arthur's face chronically stings. I sure she just meant it heated into an extreme blush, but idk.It's like the author had an idea and started to write it down but never bothered to develop it. The entire thing, while seemingly from Arthur's perspective, is actually from the authors. The characters know too much, even when they're not supposed to. They progress through the plot as if they knew exactly what's going to happen already and therefore come off more as actors going through the motions of their plot instead of being in it, watching it play out, perhaps interacting with the prescribed events (cuz there are going to be some, like them inevitably ending up together; it is, after all, a romance).As such, I didn't really think the "obscure conversations," as some of my GR friends put it, were precisely that. They just reflect too much the author's bias.And anyways, the whole Bertie-purposely-seeming-obscure thing I mentioned above...I could follow because I'm guilty of the same thing. Well, was. Now I just tend to ignore people than obfuscate. (I'm too analytical to actually be lost in thought so much so that I ignore other people and carry on one-sided conversations, but I am selfish enough that I care little enough for other people to :D)And like I said, I did the same thing before I discovered the "currently reading" shelf has a comment function. I'd read something and go and comment on it to a friend on skype. Of course I knew they didn't know what I was talking about but that didn't stop me. Why would I explain the background to them? Much more fun to watch them flounder.But I mean, his comments make sense. His cute moments were slightly that, I guess...As for Arthur...it's rather unfortunate that all his "how could someone like him like someone like me"'s were so...rote. So rehearsed, so token. I mean, this is the author's bias coming through. Xe knows where the plot is going but unfortunately, that bled into the characters.The entire thing is basically a vehicle for the "romance" and subsequent consummation of their relationship, which is rather annoying. I kind of want the plot to be a plot and actually able to stand up for itself...too bad it's working against impossible odds.There are times when the character's priorities just seem...wrong. Like there's a different character thrown into the mix all of a sudden. It's very jarring.The author's bias makes everything that happened seemed rather contrived.I mean, don't get me wrong. There are moments that are good. Quite damn good, in fact. It's just...*sighWell, that's a pity because it was such a nice concept, too...Each disparate scene is rather interesting, sets nice tones, creates interesting character sketches, etc., though.As such, it's not much a romance after all.Think of this as more of a series of loosely related impressionistic paintings (or character sketches if you don't like the art analogy) and you might have an easier time reading/possibly enjoying it.And also this:Eh. Meh. *sigh. I really wanted Arthur to top, you know...And the climax/resolution was kind of stupid. (That awkward moment when the first thing the word "climax" brings to mind is a dirty thought.) ETA:Something that I typed into a separate Notepad file and I guess forgot about... Well, here it is now:My favorite part thus far:"'You have transportation? Do you mind smoke? Can you type quickly, use a computer?' Dr. Jones turned back in time for Arthur’s answer.Arthur nodded to all of them..."You know, if he nods yes to "Do you mind smoke?" that means it bothers him, not that he doesn't care...