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A Chip in His Shoulder - L.A. Witt Okay, so I get the title now.That's clever, cuz it's a play on "chip on his shoulder," which can refer to Liam's grudge, but literally refers to that PronEx in Daniel's shoulder.This book. What can I say? I was rather leery of it because of the title and the less than stellar blurb, but it's amazing. To paraphrase and play upon that line from The Princess Bride, there's action, fighting, revenge, monsters, chases, escapes, true love, miracles...This book is beautiful. It's nicely written and the paranormal element is incorporated beautifully into the world without becoming a gimmick. The characterization is solid. The backstory is beautifully incorporated into the main storyline. We get a sense of the past without there being intrusive flashbacks. The implications of the world are explored, which I absolutely love (too many books fail to explore the implications of the world they're set in; why create a world if you won't play around with it?). The balance between love and hate is wonderfully worked in such a way that when they invariably come together, it's not awkward or gimmicky.Yes, this book truly exceeded all of my expectations. Damn. Just...damn.