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One Shot - Rowan McBride *insert meme here*Can't tell is sci-fi or magic realism...I think it's sci-fi, but it has the feel of magic realism.And man does McBride have a thing for size differences.And a lot of the time, I feel like it's operating on porn-logic O_oHis shoulders hit Riley's stomach? Da fuq?If his head's at his chest-ish......I don't think you know what "stomach" means...Unless they're talking about the position of the actual stomach (which no one uses, just like no one uses the actual position of the heart for the hand-over-heard thing)...*stares at cover some.But I mean...McBride's more of a guilty pleasure read for me anyways, so w/e.I mean, it's got the ring of yaoi to it, which annoys me at times, but it's toned down and not as obnoxious, which is why I think I can stand it here...I totally laughed when Greg got friend-zoned. But it was obvious he was going to try to rape Nick. It is, after all, yaoi. Just like it was inevitable that Riley would come to the rescue. He's the seme.Oh, god. I just realized. The shrinking-thing is a physical manifestation/representation of the uke-pheremones.And yes. There is a marked difference between yaoi and ("western") m/m.So...I guess this is yaoi with emotions?Actually, Aimee, I think this is more like a yaoi/mm hybrid (although I haven't read Lanyon's book so I can't definitively say more than that. But this is definitely yaoi/mm hybrid, I'd say).I mean, it's got the yaoi tropes (although I like this because it's much closer to dub-con than non-con, which tends to feature a lot in yoais and I'm sorry, but a physical reaction is NOT consent) but it's also got communication (I know; perish the thought). And anyways, I keep worrying about Riley cuz of the uncontrolled muscle growth. What if he gets too large? He'd be fat, but it wouldn't be fat...it'd be muscle...Muscly fat?And Riley's a dork about the way he handled shit, but he genuinely cares and shows it, so he's not a seme in the sense that he doesn't encourage codependence in the uke.And I didn't find Nick annoying. I mean, he's apparently gorgeous and doesn't know it and that can get annoying, but it's framed in such a way that it's non-annoying and I can totally empathize with him (or at least, it feels like I can).And the tender moments here are genuinely cute.I think I need a guilty pleasure shelf now.Still, sometimes the size descriptions really, really freak me out. In a "...I don't think you realize how the human body works" sort of way.It...kind of reminds of...oooh that book. [b:Collared|12323770|Collared|Kari Gregg|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1312768891s/12323770.jpg|17302154]Oh, Nick. He's the adorable clueless type. The well-written type that actually tugs at your heartstrings instead of annoying the shit out of you (although he probably will annoy some people anyways *shrug). But it's so cute D: In fact:AND he's the socially awkward type of adorable, and I'm conceited enough to say I can relate (on the socially awkward part; adorable, not so much. I'm far too caustic for that).Oh, and another thing that makes this not-yaoi. Riley actually exercises logical restraint.And Greg wasn't an intentional jackass. It was just shitloads of missed signals and misinterpretted signs that sometimes just happen (c'est la vie and all that).But anyways, I rest my case about the uke-pheremones. Hell, they lampshade it:“You were always something special. I saw it the second I met you. But when you got inoculated…everything good about you was concentrated, then amped.” His body tensed. “Even now, I'm fighting the urge to touch you.”Charisma? Or pheremones?I'd say pheremones.And something else. I probably should put this in spoiler tags, but I really want to share:super-strength hard-ons that can rip through denim?How can you resist reading this, right?The epilogue is just too cute for words:Crossing my arms over my chest, I pretended to be stern. “You will let me study? Because if my grades drop, I'm moving in with Mrs. Everley. She bakes me cookies, you know.”